Beer Review: Estrella Damm

Estrella Damm

The Taste of Barcelona.

Tastes like summer in Barcelona.  I swear.

A lot of beer snobs will snub a pale golden lager, but as Plain Janes go, Estrella is my absolute favourite.  With a slight edge to set it apart from all the Usual Suspects, Estrella Damm is a refreshing, easy to drink beer that’s crisp and just slightly exotic.  It has a nice head on it (something you can’t say for our old friend), with reasonable retention.  And it’s clean.

So it’s not an explosion of hops…  I don’t care.  It’s a lovely, delicate beer, and a delight to drink.  You can find it most places, and it’s usually fairly reasonable in price.  And that’s my take on Estrella Damm…  A lovely drop.

“So I broke into my own old car. 
I fell asleep on the passenger seat. 
I dreamed of summer sex with you and you whispered in my ear:
Tonight tonight tonight tonight
I wanna be with you tonight!”

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