The Last Days at Marylebone Gardens

We’re entering what might be the last month at Marylebone Gardens, the previous home to BBC offices and studios that we call the Wish workspace.  It’s been a quiet refuge for us for the past several weeks and we’ll miss it if and when it closes.  Run by Theatre Delicatessen, the building houses three floors of work spaces, studios, and rehearsal rooms for use by a community of theatre companies whose volunteer time helps keep the doors open.

We first heard about Marylebone Gardens from Michelle of the Wonder Club.   At the time, she was producing Incitement for a Bristol-based company called Splash and Ripple, and she was using a room there as her London base of ops.  By an astonishing coincidence, months later (after she had long since vacated the premises), we ended up sharing space with Hobo in the same room.  It was a real surprise to see all the Incitement maps and caste placards all over the place…  It’s a small world, after all.

We’ve been developing a new work, A Brief History of Beer, and the Marylebone Gardens space has been a great refuge away from side jobs, distractions, friends, and FaceBook.  The new show is going to be an epic story.  Ten thousand years of beer history boiled down to less than an hour performance.  We’ve spent the past six months in pubs and libraries, reading the great beer writers (Pete Brown, Alan Eames, Melissa Cole, and the rest).  Now it’s time to sift through all the info and try to put together a cohesive story.  When we started out on this journey, I wasn’t sure there would be enough material to fill an hour, but I was naive.  Plumbing the depths, we discovered there was more there than we could ever fit in five shows.  We still have a lot of work to do, but it’s good to finally get out of the discussion and research phase and into the studio.  Everything looks different when you’re up on your feet and we’re looking forward to the seeing the results when we’re all finished.


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