The Other Budweiser.

AB InBev's Budweiser

The Impostor…

So just how much do you know about these guys?  The good-natured frat boys of the corporate world…  The life of the party?  Your best buds?  Unless you belong to a very small minority, you probably know a lot less than you think.  The history of AB InBev’s flagship product is a long and nasty one, to say the least.  The so-called ‘king of beers’ has been playing dirty pool for about as long as they’ve been brewing what they call beer, and they’ve left closets full of bodies in their wake.

A very incomplete list of the crimes we can attribute to these giants in the field includes (but is far from limited to):

Budweiser Budvar

The Rightful Heir

Why, they’re not even the ‘real Budweiser’!  They’ve been running a campaign of terror against Budweiser Budvar (better known to us Yanks as Czechvar, thanks to ol’ Uncle Gussie and his mates) for over a hundred years!  In the longest running brand dispute in all of history, Budweiser has been trying to lay claim to the name over more than one brewery that’s actually from Budweis since 1907!  The word Budweiser actually means ‘from Budweis’, and according to AB InBev, beers brewed in that town shouldn’t be allowed to say it by using their rightful name.  This is like trying to claim an adjective as a brand copyright (say ‘cloudy’ or ‘delicious’).  Despite having originally entered into legal agreements to share the name AB’s lawyers bided their time and, when the Czech brands weakened, descended like vultures to claim the name.

And now they’ve merged with InBev, things aren’t going to get any better.  But it’s not just the terrible things they do; not just the horrible things they’ve done…  It’s the beer itself.  Originally claiming to be a Bohemian styled beer, to faithfully follow the authentic recipe, to offer a full and pleasing taste, Budweiser is about as far from the fact as it could be – the only lager beers further from the Bohemian style are brewed in India


Budweiser Recipe Includes Rice

Far from the simple goodness of the hops-malt-water-yeast recipe adhered to by every Czech beer we’ve tried (and loved) Budweiser cuts its costs (and its flavour) with rice-filler and sweetens the pot with dextrose.  Despite claiming to be filled with nothing but natural goodness, they’ve shown time and again that they are willing to compromise their product to cut costs and increase their own profitability.  These guys are not your buds.

But you don’t have to take our word for it…  Check this out.  And this.  Or give Pete Brown a read.  Or William Knoedelseder.  Or come and see our show!  Or, for heaven’s sake, go and do some of your own research!  It’s all out there for you to find, you only have to look.  So next time you’re having a party, watching the game, or just feeling thirsty…  Think twice before you grab some buds.  Because they’re not your friends…  And they never have been.


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