Spring Hops – A Good Time!

Ybor SquareThe Creative Loafing beer festival in Ybor Square is an cornucopia of beery fun!  We sample beers from Dunedin, Coppertail, Saint Somewhere, and more!  There’re some great Cuban sandwiches, delicious yellow rice and black beans, and all sorts of other great food.  Several distributors are present, as are punters from all over the bay area, and we have a blast for three or four hours hanging out in the shadows of the Tampa branch of the church of Scientology.

So.  Many.  Beers.  We wander back and forth…  Drinking and learning and drinking…  And, luckily, the weather holds the whole time we’re there. We do get a bit pissed, and by the time we’re ready to pack it in Trish is getting a little bit scrappy, but we have a great time overall. Which is a great thing, because this is just the first year for this hoppin’ festival… We can’t wait to see what next year brings.


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