REBLOG – Discovering Beer

This is the sort of amazing journey of discovery we’ve gone on – the sort of journey we hope to inspire! We here at Wish are all about discovering beer and a general increase in beerwareness.

the dry hop

(this post originally appeared at, but has been moved to this blog – which is is dedicated to beer!)

I have never been a huge beer drinker – which is kind of against the norm for a New Zealander. If you’re a bloke, then its our national drink.

I put this phenomenen down to my first job, which I got while still at high-school. It started as an after school job in the busiest pub in the city, and it moved very quickly from cleaning the kitchen after school, to clearing glasses at night the following saturday, until finally the manager said to me “You know how to pour a pint?,,..come here, I’ll show you.” And so there I was, 15 years old and pulling pints on Friday and Saturday nights in the busiest bar in town. The side effect of this of course was that when the doors shut…

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