More Tampa Press for A Brief History of Beer!

Trish Relaxing

Trish Eyeing Our Publicity

Some lovely ink today in Creative Loafing!  A Brief History of Beer has got a full quarter page advert in the back section and, more excitingly, about a half page in features where they’re touting our relevance to the food and drink set in Tampa!

Trish and I also spend a lovely afternoon with Virginia Johnson and Bobby Collins from Bay News 9 in the *nearly* deserted beer garden at the New World Brewery.  It’s lovely to be able to preen and strut a bit whilst you chat about the work.  Virginia tells us that much of her time is spent reporting on events at high profile venues like Busch Gardens and that it’s a change of pace to be able to cover more eclectic events like ours.

Getting ready for the interview, we scramble to rig a maker-shift screen for our projector, and it’s all duct tape and Ikea sheets while the breeze blows and everything goes pear shaped.  Trish has to run to Radio Shack to buy a VGA connector for the mac, and I’m up and down the ladder at least three times getting it all sorted out, but we manage to present at least a semblance of the show by the time Virginia and Bobby are ready to shoot.

New World Brewery

New World’s Beer Garden

The New World Brewery is much more spacious that I recalled – cleaner too.  It’s a well-run operation and Dean and Jenny are on top of helping us get ready.  The beer selection is top notch; it means a huge deal to be back in a joint that knows something about beer after a week or two of down-home watering holes where Yuengling is about as close as you get to craft beer…  I enjoy a cold and crisp Estrella Damm (my favourite lager) and Trish is all over a Houblon Chouffe.

It’s a very civilised way to spend the afternoon, the temperature is pleasantly warm, but not hot, and the beer garden is quiet and still; the scent of barbecue mingling with the mild afternoon breeze.  The news shoot goes well – Virginia tells us that the story will air on the twenty-fifth as part of her show, On the Town.  Afterwards, we meet up with an old friend from USF and wander off into the Ybor night to see what we can discover.


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