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Trish and I take the bus across Tampa today (gotta love the public transport ’round here) to the corner of Nebraska and Hillsborough Ave where we catch up with an old flame…  A past lover I had dreamt about during the four years we’ve been gone: The Taco Bus.  Unbelievable.  So delicious and tender – the carne asada, the delicately fried pescado, the carnitas -omg- Can’t type.  Mouth watering.  It’s a wonder we make it out of there at all, to be honest.

Ole Seminole HeightsAnd then we just walk1 down tree-shaded streets in that area of old Tampa skirting around Seminole Heights where it’s all bungalow houses and aged wooden porches.

For the most part, it’s a lovely walk south to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd where WMNF makes its home.  When we left Florida four years ago, they had just moved into their new building and one of the last things we did before making our big exit was an interview in the *brand new* studio…  It seems only fitting that one of the first things we should do upon coming back is an interview at the same microphones (it’s like Return to Cookie Mountain, but with less music).

WMNFSo we chat with host, JoEllen Schilke, for thirty or so minutes and have a lovely time catching up.  It’s strange how these familiar surroundings conspire to make it feel like no time at all has passed since our departure.  It’s as though we’ve just popped out of the studio for a break, but it’s been almost half a decade!  JoEllen is just as personable and delightful as she was last time we spoke, and all sorts of memories of Secret Theatre come flooding back to me…

We’re not allowed to curse on the radio – a bit strange, but there you are – and there are a few other guidelines I don’t remember, but we get through the whole recording with poise and grace and, just as we’re wrapping things up, Joellen has a surprise for us: John Palmer’s in the next studio, broadcasting Traffic Jam live on the air and, home brewer that he is, he’s happy for us to bust in and promote the show!  So we nip in and chew over the show for five or ten minutes during prime time, rush hour traffic!

Tropical Heatwave 2014

Tropical Heatwave 2014

All around the building it’s Tropical Heatwave as far as the eye can see.  They’ve got some nifty art splashed all over the place and it’s easy to get excited with the buzz that’s in the air.  This yearly bay area event is bringing more than fifty bands together for a weekend of sun, music, and beer – Schilke is quick to tell us about the festival beer, an exciting offering from Cigar City Brewing.  We can’t wait to try it!

By the time we leave the station, we’re grinning from ear to ear, and the airwaves are full of our digitized, dulcet voices.  It’s a nice homecoming – WMNF joins Creative Loafing and Bay News 9 in upping our show in the public space and it’s gratifying to receive so much attention after so much time away.

I should just say a few words about Public Transport.  Wish Experience are staunch fans of Public Transport.  We love it.  So much.  And, newly arrived from abroad, we don’t have a car or other mode of private transport (apart from friends and our feet) so we’ve been doing a lot of walking around Tampa.  And, in general, it’s much more pleasant than I would have imagined four years ago – but in a town this size it only works if you don’t have to be anywhere in a hurry.  For hard and fast appointments, you need transport, or you have to be willing to spill *hours* on public transport that comes only once an hour (if you’re lucky) and you’re still going to have to do a fair bit of walking because bus stops are few and far between.


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