Wish Experience

Wish are a multidisciplinary performing arts company formed in London, UK. We love visceral experiences, overwhelming sensation, and the Pixies.

Vision Statement

To make theatre that creates dialogue, question, and debate, inspiring joy and excitement and creating awesome experiences that leave audience members delighted and thoughtful for days and weeks after the experience.

Who we are & what we do

Wish are a collective of theatre makers and curators of experiences originally formed in London. Our work focuses on the relations between person, environment and happening, bringing audience and performer into close proximity and providing situations for engagement and interaction. We are interested in immersive theatre that delivers what it promises and that advertises what it offers.

Sometimes exciting and titillating, sometimes delightful and joyous, sometimes haunting and intimidating, our goal is to engage with audience/participant on whatever level he or she is willing to experience. To never press the encounter beyond the limits of our guest’s commitment. To create open-ended performances where audience member and performer are all aware of the conditions of the shared contract.

We want to make theatre that creates dialogues, questions, and debate. We want to inspire joy and excitement. We want to create awesome experiences that leave audience members delighted and thoughtful for days and weeks after the experience. We want to play, have a good time, and offer a good time. We want to create impressive environments that wrap around the performance and trickle through it, transporting audience member and performer alike to another space where the rules are different and the outcome is in question. We want to find the answers together. To go on a journey with our audience. To discover new things. To smile, and to laugh. We want to create truth and artifice. To create experiences that are profound and important.




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