REBLOG – The Culture Behind the Craft

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An optimistic post from our brethren to the West… We’ll be looking forward to following their quest!

Beer drinking was once an activity reserved for pubs, backyards and sports stadiums, but the rise of craft beer promises to change culture of beer drinking. Today beer culture is growing to be more than a boozy past time, but phenomenon that values responsibility, individuality and sustainability.

Our project will explore Brisbane’s growing Craft beer scene. Our goal is to find the culture behind the craft…

The Craft Beer Industry Association (CBIA) state on their website:

“Falling Sales. Takeover bids. The lowest level of consumption in decades. Take your pick of any number of recent gloomy headlines and you could be forgiven for thinking the Australian beer industry is in terrible health. But while many of the biggest brands are struggling, the argument can be made for Australia’s beer scene being one of the most exciting in the world.”

IMG_0248 Brews Brothers Microbrewery in Woolloongabba

This culture is made up of…

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