REBLOG – The Lines We Draw

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I am a liberal.  A staunch liberal, I would say…  But these things can be so fluid, can’t they?

Democrats and Republicans

At the moment, Florida Legislators are on the brink of passing (or not passing) some bills that could seriously affect craft brewing in this state, and the blogosphere is all a-twitter, and everyone who has any sort of opinion seems to be weighing in.  Without getting into the specifics of the debate (you can find out all about it here and here), I will simply say that the lines are drawn around the issues of economic freedom and corporate back scratching.

Corporate Greed

First off, let me just put this out there.  It is my belief that the liquor laws (and most other morality laws) in the United States are outdated and prudish.  We tend to take such dim, conservative views on vice that basic freedoms most people wouldn’t even think of…

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