REBLOG – Friday 5@5: April 11, 2014

Incoming Reblog

A great post from Das Ale House. Difficult to swallow this news about Florida beer legislation, but good news from the FDA, so we’ll take the good with the bad… And as for the habanero, well, Trish is absolutely mad for chili of all sorts, so it may well be there’s a market for it.


Das Ale Haus

Another AC Beerfest is in the books, and I got my key to Forgotten Boardwalk while I was there. Also, mosh pits at a beerfest are a fantastic idea, as I learned. Cheers!

1) Sierra Nevada announced their tour dates for Beer Camp Across America – and they’re coming to Philly! $65 is a steep price tag, but just look at who’s pouring there. *Insert Homer drooling*

2) Some dark and terrible days are coming for Florida. A bill that would require brewers to sell their beer to a distributor TO THEN BUY BACK AND SELL AT THE BREWERY has passed the state senate. Hey, Cigar City, if you want to move your operations somewhere else, NJ has been doing a great job of helping brewers out recently.

3) Stone is introducing a saison that I’m sure would have been great, but they couldn’t leave well enough alone. They added habanero…

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