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Homebrewed Hops… I like the sound of that!

South Florida Craft Beer

If you’re reading this, you probably appreciate a good local product…namely beer.  Nothing is more local than home brew made with backyard ingredients.  There are so many options…lemon-grass infused pale ale…chile-infused wild ales…etc, but many home brewers down in our sweltering neck of the woods discount the most obvious ingredient of all…homegrown hops.

The first step is find a hop that grows well in hardiness zones 8 & 9 (most of South Florida).  Surprisingly enough, quite a few varieties will deal with the weather down here.  Here is a link to Midwest Supplies’ varieties, but as always, I encourage you to go to your local homebrew store and see what they have.  I ordered a Cascade, Centennial, and Nugget rhizome from a Florida homebrew store.

One major concern, here in South Florida, is disease (i.e. mildew) brought on by the high levels of moisture as we transition from Spring to Summer…

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