Portugal: One of the best places on Earth. Seriously.

Before A Brief History of Beer made it to the stage, Will and I took a week to work – to rehearse, to get all the tech in place – and we thought, what better place than a sun drenched country a hop and a skip away from England?


Our first week was spent in the Algarve, in Albufeira.  Now, some may say that this place is overrun by tourists – and they would be correct.  But it was suited to our needs unfortunately; we were under the gun to get this show sorted, and so having too much culture to explore could have had devastating effects.  Albufeira, with it’s gorgeous white facades and beautiful beaches was just what the doctor ordered – a peaceful place to play in after a hard days work!


Maybe it’s just living the dream – working on art, drinking cans provided on the down-lo on beaches by guys wandering by with coolers – but Portugal is a beer paradise.  Okay, maybe it’s not the craft beer mecca of the US, nor does it have the flavorful beers of friends in the North of Europe, but they have got cheap, cold, refreshing lager on lock down.


After spending a week working and relaxing, we made our way up to Lisboa for a few days of culture seeking.  A beautiful crumbling port city of the olde worlde – what more could we ask for?


Oh – how about a Museum of BEER???

IMG_3435Of course!  And coming it at only 5 euros (with a lovely free glass and tasting at the end) – it was the right price for a couple of traveling beer loving artists.  Portugal has an incredible beer history, that sadly the rest of the world is unaware of.

IMG_3479 IMG_3500IMG_3450

It makes sense in those hot climes… As the story usually goes, a lot of beer used to be imported from Germany, until those same Germans came in with their brewing talent and settled down.  There’s been lots of growth, many companies, and of course, too many mergers to count, and now the big brands on offer there include Super Bock and Sagres.



I’d tell you more, but I’d rather tantalize you and just say – GO!  Portugal is beautiful – and has great beer to boot.

– Trish



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