GPG – Drunken Clam (St Pete Beach, USA) – 2.5/5

Drunken Clam St Pete Beach

Move Over Quahog, St Pete Beach Gots Its Own Drunken Clam…

As Florida beer bars go, the Drunken Clam isn’t anything too special.  Smallish, dark, and drift-woody, it’s more or less your standard sandy beach bar.  Where the Clam really takes centre stage above all the rest is in it’s baskets of cheap and delicious wings.  These are wings you sit and think about on cloudy afternoons in England – wings that keep you going through the long dark night of the soul – one could even go so far as to say wings that… just might change your life.  Sweet lord.

Apart from that, and the fact that it’s nestled smack dab in the middle of gorgeous, sun-kissed St Pete Beach, it’s an unremarkable watering hole.  Drafts are a cornucopia of #BigBeer brands – definitely not a craft beer bar, but well cocktails are just $3 during happy hour, so you can’t beat that with a stick.  Still…  Can amazing wings and cheap rotgut be enough to make a bar?  Probably not, honestly.

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