PBC Pub Crawl!

PBC Pub Crawl

It’s what it says on the tin – yesterday we did a pub crawl working our way from the bottom – starting in Boca Raton and ending in Clematis in West Palm Beach, with our long time friends Mercedes and Joe.  Five venues in total, three breweries and two bars, with an amazing array of atmospheres for a Saturday night.  I’ve got my lederhosen on and and we’re all ready to rock.  The goal?  To scout out potential venues and gain a better understanding of the latest Florida microbrews!

Funky Buddha

The Funkhy Buddha Lounge

First stop is the Funky Buddha in Boca Raton!  The night is young – it is only 5:30pm and so their lounge isn’t yet open – but their almost pub-esque home brew shop is, so we stop in for a relax on the couches.  The beers we want to try have already sold out for the day (which is at least a good sign as to their quality), so instead we try the in house Floridian Hefeweizen, which is spot on.

Next up is The Duck.  We’ve heard of this place and how they are said to have 99 beers available.  The deal is if you can try all of them (not in one sitting of course) you will become the proud owner of a fabulous t-shirt.  We had also been told that they were even selling a Pakistani beer brewed with dirt!  Unfortunately we did not get to experience this, as the bartenders weren’t sure what we were talking about, and had gotten so many beers in recently that they had lost track.  This place was super popular,  and had all the open ambiance of a Florida neighborhood bar, with smoking still allowed and dart boards in abundance.  We were very sad to leave their generous 2 4 1 happy hour on ALL beers!

Saltwater Brewing

Beer and Fish at Saltwater Brewing!

After leaving the Duck, we traveled further up Federal, and turned left on Atlantic Ave.  After passing through the very happening downtown Delray, we find the big red barn that is the Salt Water Brewery. This place was massive, with all the apparati of brewing behind glass.  The place was pretty loud because of the noise bouncing off the walls, and somehow the place had the atmosphere of a sports bar.  They did have one of the best salt water aquariums we’ve ever seen, and our friend Mercedes and I decide we must pose with it.  I’m playing it safe with their Belgian Blonde, as tempted as I was to try the tripel – the night is young yet.

Due South Brewing

Good times, Due South.

Stop number four is probably my personal favourite – the Due South Brewing Co, and is an easy jaunt up the highway a couple of exits.  With a fantastic selection of in-house beers, at least half of them being really unique creations that aren’t as harsh with the hops as many American breweries are wont to be, this place was a surprise given it’s location that is pretty much in the middle of nowhere.  Off of High Ridge Road in Boynton Beach, the place is a humongous warehouse, and even with easily a few hundred patrons within there is room to breathe.And finally, we make our way north up 95 towards our final destination – the World of Beer.  We’re hoping we aren’t going to be disappointed….  And we aren’t – but after such fantastic breweries and selections, we’re a bit worn out.  They do have a fantastic selection of beer (although we could have done with more Kriek choices and lower price points).  The venue itself would never work for our show, but had some great live music happening and a friendly, if corporate, demeanor.  We wish we had had it in us to try more than we did – but at the end of such a long sojourn, we are happy enough to enjoy a Cooper’s Sparkling, a friendly reminder of our recent times in Australia bringing a bit of extra cheer to our first Florida pub crawl.

World of Beer

Catching up with old friends at the World of Beer

All in all, a great crawl, with some of the places possibilities in our minds, and many new beers sampled and enjoyed.


– Trish


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