GPG – Three Clubs (Los Angeles, USA) – 4.5/5

Three Clubs

Colt 45 @ 3 Clubs

A dark and intimate cabaret bar where the beer’s cold and the crowd eclectic, Three Clubs sits on Vine, just off Santa Monica Blvd in the heart of Hollywood.  Artsy theatre types mingle with sleek starlets and twisty transvestites to create a current of funky nightlife all around us.  This is a seriously stylish bar.  The bouncers may be a little hard core (I almost don’t make it in ’cause I don’t have ID) but the people are hip, the bartender’s cool, and the beer’s cheap.

Not much craft beer here – it’s a cocktail bar; a local secret hole in the wall where you’re just as likely to see some sultry burlesque as the next contender for Glee belting out the karaoke.  We see an amazing take on Call Me Maybe cum Head Like a Hole.  Everyone knows everyone else: turns out it’s someone’s birthday and the whole place explodes with the dedication.  The place feels a bit like a castoff from Hollywood’s speakeasy days, but it’s open to all and the locals are friendly and inviting.  We have a brilliant time and leave exhausted, a little drunk, and more than ready the cheap and delicious tacos from the truck on the corner.

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