GPG – Kelley O’Neil’s (Honolulu, USA) – 2/5 Mugs

Kelley ONeils

Happy Irish New Year!

Okay…  We’re here on St Patrick’s Day and that was never going to be a fair judge of an Irish pub, but this place is so crazy it takes a serious force of will for me to stay.  The throngs (the only word you could use to describe this volume of people inside a space this size) are fairly buzzing to the sounds of the Masters of Oz on stage and everywhere, for as far as I can see, college students are getting blitzed on Bud Light and Guinness.  A couple of thick bouncers card literally every person coming in the door and click little counters to keep track of how many people are inside (I’m pretty sure we passed health and safety limits an hour ago, so not really sure what that’s about).

It’s a good time in a tube-tops and sports jerseys sort of way, but not really my scene.  Trish has a blast ’cause the band is actually playing a pretty heavy mix and she loves rockin’ out like that.  It’s a mission getting through the crowds to the toilets, and there’s an attendant in there who expects a tip even though the place is a total tip.  I can’t complain too much though, because people keep buying me drinks and, by the time we leave, I’m having just as good a time as any of the kids.



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