GPG – The Elephant British Pub (Adelaide, SA) – 4/5 Mugs

Elephant British Pub, Adelaide SA

Elephant British Pub, Adelaide SA


Wandering up and down Rundle Mall you can build up quite a thirst, and pints come none too cheap in South Australia.  Off a narrow side street, just before the parkland on the east side of the city centre, you can find the Elephant British Pub.  For anyone coming from Britain (or just looking for the ambience of the olde worlde) it’s a welcome sight, faux timber framing tucked away amidst towering modern commercial buildings, practically hidden away.

Inside, it’s just about perfect – as themed pubs go – the sights, the smells…  Aside from the Australian brews you’d expect, they’ve got Fullers (ESB and London Pride) and Old Speckled Hen and (appropriately) Stella on tap.  But perhaps the best bit are the pints themselves – full imperial pints for around $6 AUD – delicious London Pride…  The pub itself is subtly larger – things are just slightly over-scaled, but that’s Australia: things are just larger here.



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