The Grand Voyage

Berlin is cold.

We’re in Germany for two days, beginning our long trip where we head eastward back to the United States.  We’re sure to have fun along the way, as we’ll be heading away from this winter straight into Summer!

But for now we are in Berlin, and it is bloody freezing!  There are icicles in Will’s mustache when he breathes and our feet feel the cold through our shoes.  I guess the UK has been experiencing quite the mild winter.  Last night we performed at Vagabund Brauweri to a crazy mix of expats and Germans in a small one room bar.  It was a mental Saturday night, and by the end of the show the place had erupted into a full on party.  Good times.


After an exhilarating performance at Vagabund Brauerei with co-owner, Tom.

Today we are checking out some of the sadder parts of Berlin – the Wall (of course) and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.  As we travel we visit many WWII sites, and it is always interesting to gain different viewpoints on how things went down.  In the USA they don’t teach kids as much about the atrocities that occurred to Russians or the Polish, but today has really put into perspective how brutal things were – and why tensions still exist today.

I’m not trying to write a “downer blog” or anything.  We here at Wish are now on a rollercoaster of crazy travel with many beers to be had, where life can, and will, be a bit of an eternal party. But it’s still important to keep in mind what has happened around us in the world, so that together we can keep the peace for the future.

Now we head towards another airport – and while Berlin I think is lovely underneath the heaps of snow and ice – we are quite happy to be stepping out of the walk in freezer!


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