Brick Lane, Brick Lane

Postering on Brick Lane is both satisfying and frustrating at the same time.  I mean we’re talking about cool with capital letters here.  These streets are chock full of trendy hipsters and well meaning eco tourists, all looking for a good time.  It’s pissing down, and a little bit cold (so what else is new) but we manage to get all the way from the old Truman Brewery to the bagel shops at the top of the road, leaving a trail of golden lager-soaked posters in our wake as we go.


We pop into Full Stop for a drink.  I love the font on their sign, and the atmosphere inside is cool as.  Sitting just inside the door in their front window, one can look out and watch Brick lane flow past, skinny jeans and all.  Anyway, they serve a fine selection of lovely beers and exciting ciders, and the playlist is usually pretty great.  It’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

As delightful as it might be to wile away the hours, we have a job to do , so off we go as soon as the rain quiets down.  Past the alternative video store, past the off-license, to the bagel shops where we put up more posters and leave stacks of fliers, not failing to grab a couple of delicious salt beef bagels as we go.  We hit Bethnal Green Road and turn back around to head back towards Whitechapel.

A lot of pubs don’t want our posters up because they don’t want to advertise for events at a rival venue, but a good many of the spots up and down the lane are happy enough to have our fliers, and we do a good day’s work by the time we’ve reached the high road.  Company publicity is a tough job, and one that never ends, but Trish has been leading the charge on Twitter and Facebook.  Plugging along online is all well and good, but actually marching around city streets clutching rolls of posters and stacks of fliers, we feel like we’re really doing something tangible for our show and our company.


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