One! Two! Three! FRINGE!!!


Here are we for our second year running at the Edinburgh Fringe!  Had a great day yesterday putting up posters with the Laughing Horse gang, and we are gearing up for an awesome month!  There was an awesome pre-game party tonight at our venue, which has really created a sense of comraderie already.  The venue has fantastic BBQ happening for the Fringe, and the other LH venues are really shaping up too!

This year we’ve decided to try “the Free Fringe”.  This is where the venue doesn’t charge us, and in turn we don’t charge the audience.  There will be a donation request at the end, which we think is brilliant; it really leaves it up to the audience to decide what they think we’re worth.  We know a few people who’ve done it – and since most people LOSE money in Edinburgh, we’re very excited too see what happens for us.

So here are the details:Set Up!

We are lucky enough to be performing in Maggies Chamber at the Free Sisters on Cowgate.  Check us out here on the Laughing Horse website!  We’ve been researching this thing for a year and half, and tomorrow our beer baby will grace the stage for the first time.  The last show we brought, The Awesome Show, was an entirely different animal.  This is just Will and I, in our pint machine, and we want this to really fly.

We are armed with cans of beer, friends at the Fringe, and a lot of flyers, so here we go!


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