We swear it’s R&D!

Grain.  Hops.  Yeast.  Water.

The four primary ingredients for our favourite beverage – BEER.

Grain.  Hops.  Yeast.  Water.

The simple, natural ingredients in beer.

We’re belly deep in our next project, though we have yet to discover which of these rivers of beer history we’re going to row down.

Belgian Beer... Mmm...

Belgium is famous for its beers.

Recently we just went to Belgium, arguably the home of some of the best beers in the world.  In beautiful Bruges we got the opportunity to check out De Halve Maan, a gorgeous brewery, and the only one still active in the city.  We also got to check out the Donkey Kollektief’s art squat, and meet some very cool artists and check out some of the most intense graffiti we’ve ever seen.  We here at Wish hope to someday return to their place to reprise The Awesome Show, or maybe something new.

Also we checked out the very cool city of Ghent, and got to sample a variety of the country’s Jenever, an old precursor spirit to gin, long time rival of our ales here in London.  We also visited several other breweries in our search for the perfect beer – De Prael in Amsterdam, one of the city’s few microbreweries standing up to the megalithic Heineken, and Cantillon in Brussells, home of the wild fermented Lambics.

We met some amazing characters, possible inspiration for the future?  We shall see where this road takes us – hopefully, to The Beer Show!


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