We Are A Company

Wish Experience Ltd

Registered in the UK and doing business under Wish, we are a limited company with two Directors and two share-holders!

We’ve been doing business, shady-style, for a little while now.  Our first couple of shows at Battersea Arts Centre were part of Freshly Scratched, an event that brings together companies looking to try out new work in front of an audience.  Servin’ Up Georgia: The Myth of the American South was our first foray into the wacky and wonderful world of fringe theatre.  Deconstructing the myths and stereotypes of Southern America, we served up hashbrowns, coffee, and golden-brown waffles to dozens of delighted ‘customers’ in our hastily constructed Waffle House, set up in the Bees Knees area at BAC.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and launched us into our next project – Mend.  A one-on-one experience shared between audience member and performer, Mend offered a chance to re-experience a childhood sick day home from school.  Combining crafty use of multimedia, tactile experience, and gentle interaction, it was described by audience members as touching, delightful, and nostalgic.  Mend continues to be one of the most rewarding pieces of theatre we’ve built.

So our body of work was growing, and we were well on our way doing work as Wish even though nothing was official.  But you can’t apply for Arts Council funding without registering as a company.  As our latest piece, The Awesome Show, continues to develop, we realise that the time has come to start thinking about expanding.  So here we are!  With a brand new certificate and an exciting appellation: Ltd!  Now there’s endless man-hours to be spent making applications, filing forms, and keeping fingers crossed.


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